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Outdoor Awnings & Screens

An outdoor patio awning can completely change how you experience your outdoors. Awnings are an extension of your living space, letting you…

  • enjoy the outside of your home without having to completely forgo shelter,
  • keep sun glare from your TV screen, 
  • protect your car from icy rain and snow, stay cool while you relax outside,
  • host dinner parties, grill outs, and any outdoor gathering anytime, rain or shine.
Ida and Norma’s Draperies is prepared to keep you comfortable indoors and out with our outdoor awnings and screens from Rainier, so you can truly enjoy everything your home has to offer.


Awnings shade your home before the sun hits it, saving you nearly 25% or more of energy otherwise spent on cooling. Awnings come in different shapes and sizes to shade the different areas of your home: window awnings allow you to let fresh air in even on rainy days, and door awnings keep your entryways dry, and a large patio awning transforms your home’s exterior into your own private oasis.

Our selection of awnings come from Rainier Shade, a company with over 125 years of sheltering customers with the best in outdoor living. Rainier produces high-quality window, door, and patio awnings and canopies that give your home custom charm. Rainier awnings feature motorization, performance fabrics, and durable powder-coated metal for long-lasting, convenient shelter and shade. Heavier canopies and fixed shades are ideal for sheltering your car, patio, or gazebo from the elements year-round, while optional windows allow for a view and light. The superior aluminum and stainless-steel construction of Rainier awnings and canopies keep them looking new without worry of rust and corrosion. Alongside Sunbrella fabrics and a selection of over 200 patterns and colors, homeowners are ensured a high-caliber, custom outdoor shade that brings a unique but functional element to your home’s exterior.

Outdoor patio awnings from Rainier Shade and Ida and Norma’s Draperies near Spokane, Washington (WA)

Retractable Awnings

Retractable outdoor awnings from Rainier Shade at Ida and Norma’s Draperies near Spokane, Washington (WA)

Retractable awnings are cost-effective shade solutions. Installing a retractable awning is much cheaper than constructing a roof to shelter your outdoor space, and should your home be exposed to extreme weather, replacing awning parts is considerably easier than repairing structural damage! The greater flexibility of awnings makes them easy to care for and maintenance.

Roll your awning out to cover your deck with flair, and in the event of hard rain and high winds, simply retract your awning to keep it dry and protected. If your awning does become wet, avoiding mold and mildew is painless: you only need to extend your awning and let the fabric dry. Rainier retractable awnings are powered with Somfy® motors and controls that let you extend and retract your awning at your convenience by operating them with a switch, remote, or app. For utmost consumer confidence, Rainier retractable awnings are proudly made in the U.S. to ensure only the highest quality and performance to enhance your outdoor living space.

Commercial Awnings

A commercial awning keeps the outside of your business attractive and inviting. Upgrade your exterior and make your business stand out with custom branding, shapes, and signage options. Rainer commercial awnings have adorned hotels, restaurants, and retail stores with style. Every one is designed using state-of-the-art CAD technology and then constructed by experienced engineers to meet the highest of businessowner standards.

Commercial awnings for businesses from Rainier Shade at Ida and Norma’s Draperies near Spokane, Washington (WA)

Power Screens

Power screens from Rainier Shade at Ida and Norma’s Draperies near Spokane, Washington (WA)

Outdoor patio screens protect your home from bugs, sun glare, and prying eyes. Outdoor screens excel at regulating the temperature and light of your interiors by filtering out bright, warming sunlight before it even enters your home. As a result, the shade and ventilation Rainier screens offer can save you 60% of your current cooling costs. Rainier Power Screens are outdoor shades that keep your interiors cool and comfortably lit, and different fabric opacities give homeowners more privacy and protection combinations. Use blackout fabrics to make your rooms dark whenever you need them or create your shade with a more transparent weave to preserve your visibility, and for a completely unimpeded view, simply roll your power screens up!  Every screen is made to your exact specifications for a custom fit and function that meets your personal light control, room-darkening, ventilation, and privacy needs.

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Ida and Norma’s Draperies is proud to offer homeowners the interior and exterior shade solutions they need to improve their homes from the inside and out. Customers have trusted in our products and services for over 30 years, and our outdoor awnings and screens are no exception. Visit us in our extensive showroom in Spokane, Washington, or call or contact us today for more information on our outdoor and indoor shade offerings. We are proud to bring our expertise to the Inland Northwest, including Greater Spokane, Washington, and North Idaho.

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