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Top treatments complete your windows. Where fabric valances and drapery are soft window fashions, window cornices have a bold style and minimal care, simply yet elegantly bringing warmth and character to your rooms as only wood can.

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What is the Difference Between Valances and Cornices?

Valances and cornices are similar top treatments, however, a cornice is particularly a wood valance. They ornament your windows, calling attention to the architectural details without impeding on your viewability of the other treatments. While fabric valances may offer some additional light control - especially swag styles - cornices should sit at the top your windows. Both fabric valances and wooden valances bring height and dimension where your room needs them.

Why Cornices?

Cornices bring visual interest to your windows and walls - no more of that something’s missing sensation. They stand on their own as a timeless window fashion - no extra cords or tassels needed. They can decorate your windows on their own but are carefully crafted to accentuate the beauty of your other window fashions like blinds, shades, and drapery. Also, because they crown your windows, they can be used to tactfully hide hardware and wall imperfections.

Custom cornices, window cornices, and wood valances from Ida and Norma’s Draperies near Spokane, Washington (WA)

Styling with Cornices

Cornices might have roots in Classical architecture, but don’t mistake them to be rigidly traditional. Not only do their individual casings make them unique, but they can even be painted or carved to be customized to every one of your rooms. A bare cornice brings an organic, natural style to your windows, emphasizing the richness of the wood. A painted cornice draws attention to your room’s space by stressing the distance between your window and your walls, and from your walls to your ceiling. For softer top treatments, cover your cornice boards with a chosen fabric for a slimmer, sturdier fabric window valance. Coordinate fabric-covered cornices with your other soft home décor for a wholly cohesive home.

On the structural side, large cornices with extremely detailed carvings top your windows with a more traditional look, while sleek, step-edged cornices provide rooms with more modern detailing. The design of your cornices helps to “shape” your windows without actually having to change your window frames. Use arches, scallops, and tapers to give your room curves, angles, and more interesting lines.

Above all, keep in mind that cornices are meant to adorn your windows in such a way to harmonize with the existing elements of your room. Make them tall or slim, heavy or light, painted, covered, or bare - and bring the resilience and versatility of wood to every window in your home. Cornices can complement all kinds of homes, and their customizability, lack of cords, and lack of hardware allow them to satisfy a diversity of homeowner needs.

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At Ida and Norma’s Draperies, we create cornice boards individual to you. Our cornices are made from a selection of quality woods and fabrics to best suit your home. We work with you to find the best style for your home, just as we have over 30 years of working with customers in the Inland Northwest. We strive to provide to respond to your personal style and needs in everything we do, from measuring and installing your window treatments to customizing and servicing them. Call or contact us today for more information on our window cornices, or visit us in our showroom in Spokane, Washington. We are proud to serve the Inland Northwest, including Greater Spokane, WA, and North Idaho.

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