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Drapery Hardware

At Ida & Norma’s Draperies, we believe in providing our customers with everything they need to transform the windows of their homes. In addition to our custom drapery and side panels, we have an entire collection of drapery hardware. Our hardware selection includes curtain rods, rings, curtain rod brackets, finials, and tie backs. We strive to provide many different materials and design options to allow our customers to find the perfect aesthetic style. These finishing touches are a wonderful addition to your drapery, and by matching your drapery hardware to other elements in your home, you can create a unified home design. We carry drapery hardware from top brands like Kirsch, Iron Art, and Aria.

Drapery Hardware, Curtain Rods, Curtain Rod Brackets, Finials, Tie Backs, near Spokane, Washington (WA)

Drapery Hardware Pieces

Several different items make up a complete collection of drapery hardware. At Ida & Norma’s Draperies, you can buy all of these elements as part of a set or mix and match the different designs to create a unique set of drapery hardware for your home.

Curtain Rods

Traditional curtain rods are the most common, classic piece of drapery hardware. If you have curtains with a rod pocket, they will slide along the curtain rods to open and close. Other varieties of curtains will instead hang from rings that glide along the curtain rod. We offer curtain rods in several different diameters, so you can choose the size that fits your curtain’s pocket or the size of rings you are using. You also want to ensure your curtain rod is heavy enough to hold the weight of your fabric. We offer curtain rods in metal, wood, and resin. You can also choose a classic straight curtain rod or a more decorative curved rod.

Traverse Tracks

These systems are similar to curtain rods, but rather than a single rod, they feature a series of hooked wheels along a track. Traverse tracks are often used for tall windows and sliding glass doors. You can also use this drapery hardware if you put up curtains as a room divider or closet door.

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Drapery Hardware, Curtain Rods, Curtain Rod Brackets, Finials, Tie Backs, near Spokane, Washington (WA)

Curtain Rod Brackets

These pieces of drapery hardware are used to hold curtain rods or traverse tracks. It may seem that curtain rod brackets wouldn’t matter much as a design element, but they can drastically change your drapery’s look and operation. Generally, you will select a finish and color to match your curtain rod or traverse track. You can also choose different curtain rod brackets depending on where you wish to hang your drapery, and you can even select brackets designed for two curtain rods. We also offer curtain rod brackets with decorative elements.

Finials and End Caps

These decorative drapery hardware pieces fit at the end of your curtain rods. End caps are usually simple stoppers, while finials add decorative design elements to your curtain rods. Our finial collection includes metal spheres, glass knobs, leaves, flowers, branches, and other decorative elements. The right finial can elevate the elegance of your draperies.


Rings are used to allow most pleated curtains to traverse their curtain rods. These drapery hardware pieces are available in both round and square shapes. You will generally select rings to match the diameter and color of your chosen curtain rod.


Wands pull your draperies along the curtain rod or traverse track. We offer wood, resin, or metal wands so you can match them to the rest of your drapery hardware. You can also choose between plain thin rods and wands with decorative shapes and elements. Our wands are designed to be functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Tie Backs

These pieces of drapery hardware keep your curtains out of the way when your drapery is open. Some of our draperies come with fabric tie backs or tassels that can be connected to the wall or simply tied around the curtain. We also offer a selection of metal and wood tie backs. These tie backs resemble large hooks and are usually attached to the wall at the edge of your windows. Similar to finials and curtain rod brackets, our tiebacks can be plain or feature decorative elements.

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The team at Ida & Norma’s Draperies would love to help you choose the perfect drapery hardware for the window treatments in your home. Our team has over 30 years of experience, and we love letting our knowledge go to work for you. To buy curtain rods, finials, brackets, and tie backs, you can contact us to request a consultation or visit our showroom in Spokane, Washington. Ida & Norma’s Draperies is a locally owned business, and we are proud to service the Inland Northwest, including Greater Spokane, WA and North Idaho. We look forward to helping you achieve your style dreams.

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