Do Your Windows Need Vertical or Horizontal Blinds?

Do You Need Vertical or Horizontal Blinds in Spokane Valley, WA

Blinds are incredibly versatile window treatments whether they are vertical or horizontal. Both orientations offer a variety of light control and privacy options and are available in many colors and materials. So how can you decide which one is right for you?

Window Orientation and Size

If your window opens up and down, horizontal blinds are a better choice because you can draw the blind up and out of the way when the window is open. If your window opens to the side, opt for vertical blinds instead since they open to the side, too.

Horizontal blinds work best in small windows because they are available with slats as narrow as 1/2 inch. Vertical blinds generally have 3-inch vanes, which will look too wide in a small space. However, when it comes to wide windows, vertical blinds are better because wide horizontal blinds are heavy and difficult to operate and adjust evenly.

Using Horizontal and Vertical Blinds on Doors

Vertical blinds were almost made for sliding glass doors. They open side-to-side, so when someone wants to use the door, the blinds can be moved completely out of the way. Vertical blinds work better on wide expanses of glass than horizontal ones, and they can help make your room feel larger.

However, if you have French doors, you will do better with horizontal blinds, which can be mounted right to the door and can stay in the same position while the door is open and shut.

Light Control and Privacy

When it comes to the location of the windows in your home, horizontal blinds block out light more effectively on windows that face north or south, and vertical blinds are more effective on west and east-facing windows.

Because the vanes on vertical blinds tend to be wider, they allow more light to come through when the blind is covering the window but the vanes are open. They also provide a more open view than horizontal blinds in the same position.

If you’re wanting to block light consistently and ensure privacy, horizontal blinds may be the better option because they are less likely to move when someone walks by them or the heat or air-conditioning turn on.


Horizontal wood blinds lend natural beauty to a room, but they do unfortunately gather dust if the slats remain open regularly. Vertical blinds tend to attract less dust. Both horizontal and vertical blinds can be kept clean fairly easily with regular dusting or vacuuming with a soft attachment.

Because vertical blinds are only attached in one place at the top, vanes come off easier than the slats of horizontal blinds if they are pulled. However, vertical blinds are also easier to repair than horizontal blinds, which need to be restrung if a slat has to be replaced.

If you need help deciding between horizontal and vertical blinds, or if you’ve already decided and are ready to create new window treatments for your home, come visit the Ida & Norma’s Draperies showroom in Spokane Valley, Washington and speak to one of our design consultants. We also serve Liberty Lake, Washington and Coeur d’Alene, and Post Falls, Idaho.